December 1, 2013

A Tarot Bag ~ Made to Fit ~ In more ways than one!

Decks in their bags from L to R:  
       Waking the Wild Spirit, Infinite, New Vision, Spirit of Flowers, Cat People, Pagan Cats, Hidden Folk, Fantastical, Fey

Custom Made Tarot Bags ~ Because Your Tarot Deck Deserves It!

        I came up with the pattern for these bags out of a need. I was not happy with the majority of bags that I found that were deck sized. All these bags were flat and either too long, too wide, or both. The cards would slide around in the bag. I did not like this rubbing of my cards. They get a lot of handling and rubbing against each other during the shuffling and reading process. I have decks that are many years old that I bought new and they have 'dull' spots on them form use. I did not want my decks in times of non-use to be subject to wear and tear. 

Here is an example of these 'flat' types of bags. This is not a bag I bought for my deck. Some publishers throw in one of these mass produced organza  bags. Which is a nice thought, but they really do not do anything to protect the deck. Plus, these bags really do not hold up for very long. This one is already starting to tear out at the seem on the right side. and this is one of the newer decks. It is need of a real home, and a real home I shall give it. I kind of like the fabric I happened to pick up at random to take this picture. 

Perhaps I will use it for the deck. Oh, picking the fabric. What a fun part of the experience! Which we will see more of later on.

        I also encountered another fault of the flat, unfitted bags; bent and wrinkled cards. Because the cards have room to move around, they do not stay together in pack form. Those cards that stray off to the sides are subjected to accidental bending. Now I take very good care of my cards, but there are times in transport or other events that a deck gets put into a bad situation and can be damaged. On two occasions a couple cards in the deck got bent while being stored in one of these kinds of bags. While I did find one bag were the deck fit near perfectly, I did not like the corners at the bottom of the bag that stuck out. I wanted to cut them off!       

It was at that moment that the mission began to design a tarot bag that fit any deck in every imaginable way.

The bag pattern I ended up designing I am sure is nothing new to the world of sewing, it is really pretty basic. But regardless of that fact, these bags are still truly unique and one of a kind.

No two bags are ever the same and they totally fit the size of the deck it is made for. As well as the fabrics used fit the personality of the deck and deck owner.

The bag is like having two bags in one! This means that when the bag is turned inside out it becomes a whole different bag. 

Bags can be made in all kinds of ways with one to four different types of fabric. They can have a layer of padding as well.  All kinds of embellishments can be added to the bag such as beads, bells, charms, and anything else that you may think of.



     *also good for runes, crystals, dice, cellphones, etc.

        The majority of fabric that I have in stock are natural fibers such as cotton, rayon and silk. But I do have some synthetics and blends because the fabric is just too wonderful to pass on just because it is not 100% natural. And really, when one thinks about it, polyester and nylon is still 'natural' coming from oil, it is just highly processed. But, I know what it feels like to wear cotton or rayon and then wear polyester. I am not fully comfortable in synthetics, I need a natural layer between me and the polyester. I certainly want the same for my decks. And it is with the fabric that this process of creating a personalized one of a kind tarot bag begins.

Once I know the deck I am making a bag for and I have the measurements, I gather up the fabrics that I have that I think would go well with the deck and have you look at images of the fabric. I already have a bunch of fabric images posted for just this purpose. 
You can view some of my fabrics in my Photo Gallery - Tarot Textiles
Once it is determined the fabric to be used I start with the cut and sew part of the process. Once sewn, the bag gets it's drawstrings and any requested embellishments. I then smudge the bag, inside and out, with a special incense & herb blend.

You can request your custom bag at Owl Ka Myst Tarot 

September 23, 2013

Tarot of the Cat People ~ Owl's Eye View

Tarot of the Cat People

My first ever experience with a deck of tarot cards, but not card readings, was with this deck. A friend had this deck and as it would be, her name was Cat.
She did a Celtic Cross reading for me and then gifted me with my first deck. 
I sure do miss her....anyway...
It would be several years and many decks later that I would eventually own the Tarot of the Cat People. I got mine by trading a deck I just did not vibe with. My deck traveled across the Atlantic ocean form the U.K. Across North America to the West coast and into my hands.

The deck has given me some wonderful and sometimes interesting readings. 
While I was developing and practicing a past life spread I created, I did a test reading with my Leo daughter as the subject. The cards showed a life time in the South during the time of slavery. Her life (it was unclear if she was the male or female in this past life) in this time was about forbidden love. 
Yes, that of the slave and the slave owners offspring.
This reading was done when she was about 6 years of age. Over 10 years later, I can certainly see some parallels in her personality of not allowing the ideas of others and what is taboo socially stand in her why of what feels right.
She is one tough kitty too!

XVIII The Moon
This deck has, at times, be described as dark. Visually, it is a bit that way. The artist, Karen Kuykendall, used a lot of dark and muted colors. In a divinatory manner, with the reading of forbidden love in a past life, it sure does seem it would be on the dark side. However, that past life reading did have a happy ending. They ran away from the south and headed north-west.

In other readings I have done with this deck. I would not call them dark. I would call them very matter of fact. These cats don't mess around. Perhaps it is the 'telling it like it is' attitude of the deck that gives it a dark feel. Even when people know the truth of a matter, they do not want to believe it, but still know it is so. With the cards verifying this known factor, our inclined reaction is the 'energetic slump'. This is that, "Well, &#!^" moment. We knew it was so, but now we have to accept it and deal with it. 

Queen of Swords
With all that said about the deck. I would not call it dark. I would say it is lurking in the shadows on the edge of dark. It's 'dark nature' also all depends on the person holding the cards and their own way of communication and understanding of the deck. Some may not feel it is dark at all, for the art of the characters show a very richness and finery that is beyond dark. These people honor beauty and design, the earth and of course felines.

VI The Lovers

September 13, 2013

13, 11, 24, 31

Today is Friday the 13th. Superstition expresses that this day is an unlucky day, a day to be fearful of. Luckily, there are not very many Friday the 13th in a year. But for me, Friday the 13th has been a lucky day for me. The number 13 is one I always liked too.
Every 11 years, the days in the months are repeated. Today is my 11th anniversary with my other half. That's right, it was a Friday the 13th in September that we went out for that first date, (breakfast at Denny's at 3am) and we've been together ever since.
Before that first date, we encountered some amazing and amusing 'coincidental' things, I won't get into all the details, the  list of everything, but basically I felt that this was the Universe talking. One of the coincidental things was our birthdays. When he told me that his birthday was December 24th, he could not see my face at the time, but I was silently laughing for two reasons mostly. My reply to him, "My birthday is December 31st."
We are both Eve babies; Christmas Eve & New Years Eve. That also makes us both Capricorns and that was another reason I was laughing. I seem to have a 'thing' for Capricorns. Signs of my serious relationships in order, Leo, Aries, Capricorn, Capricorn, Capricorn, and now Capricorn. It was after Capi #3 that I learned that in my natal chart, my sun and moon mid-point draws me towards or draws towards me, Capricorns.
So when he said he was born on 12/24, it was a moment of amusement, sarcastic but tender, 'you've got to be kidding!'

Now what brings this all together is what happened on our 'true' September Friday the 13th anniversary that only comes every 11 years. And it's in the year 2013!
We decided that Denny's was where we should go. Not the same one, that is too far away. It was far the first time, almost an hour away, but now it would take us almost 3 hours to get there. Why do that when we are 5 minutes away from one?
So there we were at Denny's and we get the check. I look at the total to figure the proper tip amount and it took me a moment, but then I saw it. It made me giggle. I handed it over to my sweetie and said, "Look at the total."
He laughed and said, "24-31. That's funny."

June 9, 2013

Free Reading Samplers

I am taking the tarot reading side of my business and putting it through a transformation.
I am giving it it's own look and 'brand' as they say in the marketing world. 

With this new look, I also need some fresh material and content to go along with the whole new look and presentation.
• What I am offering here is a free reading for anyone who would like one, or two... -AND- in Exchange~ I have your permission to use the reading as a sample on my website. 
There would be no names or other identifying names or such in the readings, most my readings don't contain this sort of thing anyway, but to make sure it is known, the readings are totally anonymous.

So, if you would like to help me and get a free reading for it, please send me an email with 'sampler reading' in the subject line to~

Some sampler readings are up and ready for viewing. Have a look

View Main Sampler Page

Also my new Facebook Page ~

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

March 31, 2013

La Tour's Mary Magdalene with a Night Light ~
A Study in Values

In my life drawing class I am really getting to understand and be able to draw the human body. I have usually avoided drawing people and faces because most of the time I try I have awful results or I become really frustrated. The instructor is also teaching about value and shading. Beings that I have taken several drawing classes, I am already comfortable with my shading skills. Our mid-term assignment was to choose an image in the chiaroscuro style and do a study of values by replicating the image.

Chiaroscuro, which is the use of extreme dark and light, started and was used quite a bit during the times when much of the art was religious in some way. Not all, but a lot of it. I was somewhat limited with the material that the Master's have left us. I wanted something simple and something that I could relate to.

I found 's painting titled 'Mary Magdalene with a Night Light'. 
If one did not know the title, one would have to look close to see the religious connection. It is a white cross sitting flat on the edge of the table. Other than that, the image could be viewed in as many ways as there are craters on the moon.
Here is my replication, at the beginning when I had the outline and started on the left side, and then the finished product.

February 28, 2013

Tarot Tells A Tale I

The following story is what comes from using tarot to create characters and direct their experiences.  Each page is derived from a pull of three cards. 

Tarot of the Cat People 
VII Chariot - XX Rejuvenation - IV Emperor
Our adventure begins with a great warrior, Otharic and his army.  Otharic is a keen commander who has seen and survived many battles.

Today he is on his way home with his men. The battle fought was the one to win the war and it was a tough one. Even though his army won, they suffered many losses.

With the war over, Otharic and his men are worn down and would not stand much of a chance if they had to fight again.
 As they travel the long road home. They take their time. Yes, they are eager to see their families-- they just do not have the energy to move at a quick pace.

Along the way they come to a small village.  All is quiet: there are no people.
The army stops and murmuring can be heard among the men.  There is a stillness to the air that makes them all very nervous. 
Otharic holds up his arm to silence his men. 
Off in the distance is the sound of splashing water.  All bodies turn towards the direction of the sound. Otharic dismounts his horse and walks in that direction and makes his way through the rows of homes and shops.  He comes to the village center and in the middle of a stone circle is a fountain.
  In the fountain is a statue of a naked woman with long hair blowing in some mystical wind, and her arms reach for the sky as she faces the sun. From around her feet water shoots upwards to her knees and cascades down her legs and into the pool that surrounds her.

Otharic looks around again for signs of life.
 The stillness lingers, no signs of people, there are no fish in the pond, no wildlife or livestock poking about the empty edifices. 

Otharic dips his hand into the water. The tempurature is cool and feels refreshing. He cups both hands together and scoops some of the water to his lips and takes a drink. The taste is sweet, but not like honey and he can feel the water move through his body.
  With a deep breath, he suddenly feels like a new man. 

Otharic whistles for his men and they quickly find him at the fountain, 
"Take just one drink. It is not certain if this water is pure. We shall camp here tonight and  if all is well, we shall fill our vessels in the morning and be on our way."

His men comply and go about setting up camp while they take turns getting a sip of the fountain’s sweet water.

That night as the men sit around the fire, Otharic inquires about how everyone is feeling. It was a risk to drink for something in the water could be what became of the people.
  The water could be tainted in some way with disease or with magic.
  The consensus of his men express feelings of great energy. 'As if I had slept for a week' one soldier said. 
It may all be good now, but the unknown is always lurking around the corner.
The night grows late and 

Otharic makes his way to a bed found in one of the homes. Finding sleep with all the new found energy is difficult for him, but sleep comes and so does the dreaming.

January 21, 2013

Sample Reading ~ Feminine Divine

This is a three card simple snapshot type spread that I developed and while it has many names, here is is known as the Feminine Divine

Deck used: Tarot of the Cat People
I shuffle the cards and focus my self for the reading. I cut the deck and pull three card and place them in their positions face up. Cards pulled are:
Self; Soul & Spirit ~ VII The Chariot
Negative Influences ~ 3 of Wands
Positive Influences ~ 7 of Pentacles

My thoughts as I put the cards in their places and look at them all:
Chariot ~ How wonderful, great card, much strength; I wonder about Cancer and   Capricorn energies that are within or around you.
3 of Wands ~ Hmmm….some conflict with a feminine energy
7 of Pentacles ~ again, feelings like that of the Chariot, rewards and securities, a good harvest

I absorb the images of the cards and how they are expressing the position they are in.
This is a wonderful throw! It’s full of good things. I do not see any major ‘drama’ going on in your life. Everything is going along rather smoothly as well as securely. Over all, what ever it is that you are doing ~ mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually~ is working for you. You are on the right path!
You have two things, be it person or project, that are the main influences in you life. The cards do not tell me who or what, but you would know what these things are and they are what keep you going.
Of course all paths have their bumps and pot-holes, the cards suggest that your bump is some sort of internal conflict, perhaps centered on spirituality. I see a contradiction of sorts. It’s in your thoughts and emotions and this troubles you. You are unsure what to ‘believe’ or where to put your faith. This might be from what you where taught as a child. I feel that there is a maternal-like figure with whom you do not want to disappoint. You admire and respect her deeply and this love and honor you have for her is part of this confusion. Your heart and spirit wants to believe what it feels is right, but in doing so, you will be abandoning the beliefs taught to you as a child, and that could be painful for this female. But you are on the right path, and you have paved it so you can trust in yourself. The direction that you are going is one that shall grand you many rewards. You are a success story, for you take obstacles as a challenge and do not doubt your abilities. It is this attitude that makes overcoming life's difficulties easier for you, more so that it is for most people. In fact it is this quality within that is admired by many. You are always seen by others in a light of triumph.

From Mother to Crone ~ Adventures in Premenopause

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