August 29, 2010

KIDS, don't try this when you have a intuitive mom

"Mom's have eyes in the back of their heads!"

All to often a mom will know when something is up with their offspring.
One does not have to feel that they are psychic to have the experience of sneaking up on their kid and catching them in the act or waking in the middle of the night in a state of anxiety, knowing that something bad has happened to their child.

However, it can be even more bothersome for the child who has one of those mothers who is in tune with her psychic side....they can't get away with ANYTHING!

Over the past couple of months we have been preparing and packing for a move. It came up that my daughter wanted to go live with her dad for a while. So she packed and cleaned up her room, threw away a lot of stuff and went to live with her father.

A few days after she was gone, I went out to dump some trash and there where several bags of the things my daughter had gotten rid of. As usual, the bags where not placed where they should have been so I had to move them. One bag in particular got my attention. When I picked it up, a voice said to me, 'you will want to go through this one.' I did not have time at that moment to do so and thus stored it in the shed.

A month later and we have the majority of the house empty. We are down to the last of it all and one of the last things was the shed and taking all the garbage to the dump.
I open the shed and there is that bag. I sit down and open it up. There is a box stuffed with 'real' garbage, a couple pairs of clean socks, a few other broken or used up items, but, the real kicker.... a bag full of dirty dishes and utensils.

As much of an irritation this was, I did get a little giggle out of it.
Dirty dishes, let alone in the kids room was one of those major issues in the home.
So much so it came down to; 'never ever are there to be dishes in your room'. To see the utter laziness annoyed me to my core. Then the irritation took a turn.
I was amused how I knew that something interesting and important was in this bag, but never did I expect what I found, at how typical a kid can be and how much fun I am going to have with this one! Some one is going to have to do dishes for a long time when they come back to live with mom!

And you thought you where going to get away with that?!

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