January 21, 2013

Sample Reading ~ Feminine Divine

This is a three card simple snapshot type spread that I developed and while it has many names, here is is known as the Feminine Divine

Deck used: Tarot of the Cat People
I shuffle the cards and focus my self for the reading. I cut the deck and pull three card and place them in their positions face up. Cards pulled are:
Self; Soul & Spirit ~ VII The Chariot
Negative Influences ~ 3 of Wands
Positive Influences ~ 7 of Pentacles

My thoughts as I put the cards in their places and look at them all:
Chariot ~ How wonderful, great card, much strength; I wonder about Cancer and   Capricorn energies that are within or around you.
3 of Wands ~ Hmmm….some conflict with a feminine energy
7 of Pentacles ~ again, feelings like that of the Chariot, rewards and securities, a good harvest

I absorb the images of the cards and how they are expressing the position they are in.
This is a wonderful throw! It’s full of good things. I do not see any major ‘drama’ going on in your life. Everything is going along rather smoothly as well as securely. Over all, what ever it is that you are doing ~ mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually~ is working for you. You are on the right path!
You have two things, be it person or project, that are the main influences in you life. The cards do not tell me who or what, but you would know what these things are and they are what keep you going.
Of course all paths have their bumps and pot-holes, the cards suggest that your bump is some sort of internal conflict, perhaps centered on spirituality. I see a contradiction of sorts. It’s in your thoughts and emotions and this troubles you. You are unsure what to ‘believe’ or where to put your faith. This might be from what you where taught as a child. I feel that there is a maternal-like figure with whom you do not want to disappoint. You admire and respect her deeply and this love and honor you have for her is part of this confusion. Your heart and spirit wants to believe what it feels is right, but in doing so, you will be abandoning the beliefs taught to you as a child, and that could be painful for this female. But you are on the right path, and you have paved it so you can trust in yourself. The direction that you are going is one that shall grand you many rewards. You are a success story, for you take obstacles as a challenge and do not doubt your abilities. It is this attitude that makes overcoming life's difficulties easier for you, more so that it is for most people. In fact it is this quality within that is admired by many. You are always seen by others in a light of triumph.

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