June 9, 2013

Free Reading Samplers

I am taking the tarot reading side of my business and putting it through a transformation.
I am giving it it's own look and 'brand' as they say in the marketing world. 

With this new look, I also need some fresh material and content to go along with the whole new look and presentation.
• What I am offering here is a free reading for anyone who would like one, or two... -AND- in Exchange~ I have your permission to use the reading as a sample on my website. 
There would be no names or other identifying names or such in the readings, most my readings don't contain this sort of thing anyway, but to make sure it is known, the readings are totally anonymous.

So, if you would like to help me and get a free reading for it, please send me an email with 'sampler reading' in the subject line to~ owlkamyst@gmail.com

Some sampler readings are up and ready for viewing. Have a look

View Main Sampler Page

Also my new Facebook Page ~

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

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