February 28, 2013

Tarot Tells A Tale I

The following story is what comes from using tarot to create characters and direct their experiences.  Each page is derived from a pull of three cards. 

Tarot of the Cat People 
VII Chariot - XX Rejuvenation - IV Emperor
Our adventure begins with a great warrior, Otharic and his army.  Otharic is a keen commander who has seen and survived many battles.

Today he is on his way home with his men. The battle fought was the one to win the war and it was a tough one. Even though his army won, they suffered many losses.

With the war over, Otharic and his men are worn down and would not stand much of a chance if they had to fight again.
 As they travel the long road home. They take their time. Yes, they are eager to see their families-- they just do not have the energy to move at a quick pace.

Along the way they come to a small village.  All is quiet: there are no people.
The army stops and murmuring can be heard among the men.  There is a stillness to the air that makes them all very nervous. 
Otharic holds up his arm to silence his men. 
Off in the distance is the sound of splashing water.  All bodies turn towards the direction of the sound. Otharic dismounts his horse and walks in that direction and makes his way through the rows of homes and shops.  He comes to the village center and in the middle of a stone circle is a fountain.
  In the fountain is a statue of a naked woman with long hair blowing in some mystical wind, and her arms reach for the sky as she faces the sun. From around her feet water shoots upwards to her knees and cascades down her legs and into the pool that surrounds her.

Otharic looks around again for signs of life.
 The stillness lingers, no signs of people, there are no fish in the pond, no wildlife or livestock poking about the empty edifices. 

Otharic dips his hand into the water. The tempurature is cool and feels refreshing. He cups both hands together and scoops some of the water to his lips and takes a drink. The taste is sweet, but not like honey and he can feel the water move through his body.
  With a deep breath, he suddenly feels like a new man. 

Otharic whistles for his men and they quickly find him at the fountain, 
"Take just one drink. It is not certain if this water is pure. We shall camp here tonight and  if all is well, we shall fill our vessels in the morning and be on our way."

His men comply and go about setting up camp while they take turns getting a sip of the fountain’s sweet water.

That night as the men sit around the fire, Otharic inquires about how everyone is feeling. It was a risk to drink for something in the water could be what became of the people.
  The water could be tainted in some way with disease or with magic.
  The consensus of his men express feelings of great energy. 'As if I had slept for a week' one soldier said. 
It may all be good now, but the unknown is always lurking around the corner.
The night grows late and 

Otharic makes his way to a bed found in one of the homes. Finding sleep with all the new found energy is difficult for him, but sleep comes and so does the dreaming.

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