November 1, 2010

All Hallows Eve ~ Dia De Los Muertos ~

October 31st is Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, and known to many pagans as Samhain (pronounced Sow-en).
On November 2nd is Dia De Los Meurtos, translated Day of the Dead and also called All Souls Day.
Halloween has been known as a day of setting out jack o' lanterns, dressing up in costume and collecting candy from door to door and other fun traditions.
Dia De Los Muertos is a day when the living honor the dead with alters and offerings.
Very different traditions but both a bit spooky in their own way.
What is interesting is that these days hover around a time when the veil between the living and the dead, the Otherworld, is very thin.
This is when those who reside on the other side are more likely to be seen in our dimension. We become more sensitive and receptive to those in the spirit world.
For those that celebrate Dia De Los Muerots, they communicate and 'touch' their past loved ones with their offerings and alters.
For those that run around in costume saying 'Trick or Treat', are doing so from an older tradition that served a different purpose than a bag full of candy.
People dress up to hide their true identity so that those spirit that walked among them when the veil is thin will not recognize that they are of the living.

Halloween is not the only time that spirits and loved ones who have passed on can be communicated with or will communicate with the living themselves.
There is a phenomena known as After Death Communication or ADC for short.
Many people from all walk of life will have stories about butterflies and coins, token symbols that seem to be present at times when one has died.

I had a ADC with a deck of tarot cards.
A Bit of History~
It was Spring in the late 1990's and I met a man who was one of my soulmates.
I am one who believes that through living past lives, we have several soulmates that we encounter in a single lifetime.
I had been through some rough relationships and what a bit jaded.
As a matter of self preservation, I came up with a question that I would ask all my suitors.
"What are your intentions?"
I had asked this of my soulmate several times when we first met, his reply always was,
"All Honorable". All the other guys just fumbled over their words.

Shortly after we met and after asking him that question numerous times, I pulled out my tarot cards, the Native American deck.
If some one wants to be with me, they need to know everything about me and if someone is not comfortable with my use of cards and my intuitive ability, then it is not a good match.
I fanned out my tarot cards the way I normally do when I want to feel for a single card by waving my hand over them. When I told him to pick a card he waved his hand back and forth over the cards in the same manner. In my mind I thought, 'wow'. Then he picked a card and turned it over, and big "WOW".
The card's title was "HONOR".  He just looked at it and then looked at me with that delightful goofy smile.
The Universe had spoken!
I knew for sure that he was my soulmate. I was also able to relax and enjoy and not be so fearful with a big armored box around my heart.

The ADC~
Fall, same year.
The relationship was short lived for my soulmate was taken away from me by the hands of another.
At that time he was officially just a missing person but I knew that he was dead for I had felt it the moment it happened. It was the saddest, deepest sorrow and emptiness I had ever felt and it came out of nowhere. 
One night I was home alone and lonely, missing his company and the sound of his voice. I was wanting to have some sort of a connection with him. Being a sensitive, able to feel ghosts and sometimes connect with the dead, I was a little disappointed with the fact that I was not feeling anything from him. He was my soulmate after all and it puzzled me. So I thought I would break out my tarot deck and use it to make that connection.

I spoke out loud and said, "I have no question for the cards. Just want (name) to talk to me, tell me something for I miss listening to you."
I decided on 5 cards for this pull for we had been born almost exactly 5 days apart. I was born at just before 11pm and he was born just after 11pm 5 days later.
The first card I pulled, "HONOR" all I could do was cry. Cry because he was gone and I missed him, cry because I had made that connection that I so needed. I whispered 'I love you' and continued to pull the cards.

The 2nd card was VII Strength. Pictured on the card is a mountain lion. Both of us have mountain lion as one of our animal totems. The constellation lynx is also depicted on the card.
As a totem, the Mountain Lion protects my sacred space, the place where the heart is kept. The answer to my 'intentions' question was the key to my sacred space- give the wrong answer and you are not invited in. Here he was telling me to be strong, stay connected and listen to my totem animal.
Lynx had meaning as well. Lynx made an appearance out of my Medicine Card deck when I pulled cards just after he disappeared. I asked "What happened to him?" and Lynx showed up and represents secrets. Being a missing person at that time, there was a lot of secrets surrounding his 'situation'.
I felt that here, he was telling me that his death and location was to be a secret for a while and this is why I needed to be strong. It was also telling me that what I felt about his death was indeed very real, that I 'knew' the secret.

The 3rd card I pulled was the 5 of Vessels, which is known as Cups in traditional tarot. The title to this card is Warrior Woman. I would get this card a lot in my personal readings, so much that I called it MY card. This continued the message of being strong and to keep my 'fighting' spirit. That I would be challenged emotionally but possess the strength and will to continue on.

The 4th card was the Maiden of Shields, Pentacles in traditional tarot, and the maiden is equal to a Page. This card is a card that I related to much like the Warrior Woman and also made me aware of one of my past lives. With this card he was telling me that even though the relationship was short, that it was meant to be. We where soulmates in a past life, in this life and will be again in a life to come.

The last card I pulled was XVII The Star. The image upon the card was of Grandmother Spider and her web of fate. This continued the message of the card before, of past lives of soulmates and of fate and what is and meant to be. It is also a card that speaks of dreams and hope. After my bad relationships, he was the one who brought me back to that place of hopes and dreams and he wanted me to know that even though he was gone, that I was not to ever give up hope in finding a love like ours in the future.

The two Major Arcana cards that showed up here are connected through their numbers. Strength is number 8 and the Star, 17, when reduced is also 8.
The shape of the number 8 is used in tarot by turning it on it's side to see it as the well known symbol for Infinity.
Again, this ties to the life cycles that go on after we have left this life-time. I also see it as his way of telling me that he would always be with me even if I could not feel his presence and energy.

More on ADCs

October 14, 2010

Just in Time for Halloween


The story goes like this ~
I am hanging out with the neighbors, having a pot luck. One of the neighbors, well, we have some of the same friends and other people we know that we have met independently, this info will be important's a small town thing, ya know.
As we sit shooting the breeze, she says, "oh, you have to look at this freaky picture my friend sent me a few hours ago. They where up camping....." she hands me her phone and I instantly spot the ghost. The hair on my arms stands up and my eyes begin to water excessively, as if they where dry, not like I was so very sad. 
I tend to be a sensitive when it comes to spirits in the Otherworld.
My physical reaction did not surprise me that it happened. The hair thing is common, but the watering of the eyes I am still trying to figure out.

Back to that small town thing. The people in the picture look familiar to me, but I cannot really tell if it is the people I know. 

But, I start in with the questions since I am a bit of a ghost magnet.
'Who took the pic? who are those people? where and when did this happen?'

It was at a campground a few hours to the northeast of where we live. The picture had been taken within about 24 hours- did not know if it was that night or the night before. She did not know the names of the people in the pic, but the picture came from her friend (my understanding).

How it went down at the Campground~
The friend took the picture with her phone, they looked at it that night and when they saw the ghost in the picture, they packed up camp and got out of there.

The area they camped in is known for ghosts, so there is something to help validate the truth in this story.
I am working on getting names to see if these are the people that I think they are and talk to them to see if they have something to share with me. 

A fellow artist friend passed this photo on to a friend of hers. She said that when she looked at the picture that her eyes began to water and her hair stood up.
I am curious to know from other sensitives, what was your initial impression? How did your body physically react upon seeing this photo? 

September 15, 2010

Soaking In the Sun

I spent over three years in a damp, foggy and cold environment. The temperature everyday was a brisk 65 degrees.

Being a dragon, I am of the lizard kind and I need my sun. I am also more pacific islander than I am anything else. I want heat! I do not mind the wet so much. I really love the rain but to be in a place that is like winter all year long!? I could not take it anymore.

So I flew south to better weather. I am in a temporary spot but it feels like home. I live just under the landing and take off point of those mechanical winged brethren that spit out fire retardant rather than fire itself.

The critters are doing well.
One of my critters, is really enjoying the warmer weather, for she is also from a tropical climate.
She has been singing and making up new songs. She also feels a bit at home for she can speak the large brown OOPS truck-speak with the back-up beep-beep-beep....those live down the street.
The black demon-spawn feline is trying to figure out how she can get on top of the shop roof. It will be the highest one yet if she makes it. However, in the meantime, she makes her nightly climb up the ladder of my rolling cave and trots back and forth meowing.
Fathead is back on patrol. He had gotten so miserable and depressed with no mountain to guard that he started pulling out his hair. He is now getting it back, with the help of some neem oil added to his shampoo.
The little pooper machine runs the poop out of herself every morning.

As for this dragon, well she is working on a clutch of Dragon Eggs. Once they are close to hatching, they will be available for sale at Dragon's Moon Studio

August 29, 2010

KIDS, don't try this when you have a intuitive mom

"Mom's have eyes in the back of their heads!"

All to often a mom will know when something is up with their offspring.
One does not have to feel that they are psychic to have the experience of sneaking up on their kid and catching them in the act or waking in the middle of the night in a state of anxiety, knowing that something bad has happened to their child.

However, it can be even more bothersome for the child who has one of those mothers who is in tune with her psychic side....they can't get away with ANYTHING!

Over the past couple of months we have been preparing and packing for a move. It came up that my daughter wanted to go live with her dad for a while. So she packed and cleaned up her room, threw away a lot of stuff and went to live with her father.

A few days after she was gone, I went out to dump some trash and there where several bags of the things my daughter had gotten rid of. As usual, the bags where not placed where they should have been so I had to move them. One bag in particular got my attention. When I picked it up, a voice said to me, 'you will want to go through this one.' I did not have time at that moment to do so and thus stored it in the shed.

A month later and we have the majority of the house empty. We are down to the last of it all and one of the last things was the shed and taking all the garbage to the dump.
I open the shed and there is that bag. I sit down and open it up. There is a box stuffed with 'real' garbage, a couple pairs of clean socks, a few other broken or used up items, but, the real kicker.... a bag full of dirty dishes and utensils.

As much of an irritation this was, I did get a little giggle out of it.
Dirty dishes, let alone in the kids room was one of those major issues in the home.
So much so it came down to; 'never ever are there to be dishes in your room'. To see the utter laziness annoyed me to my core. Then the irritation took a turn.
I was amused how I knew that something interesting and important was in this bag, but never did I expect what I found, at how typical a kid can be and how much fun I am going to have with this one! Some one is going to have to do dishes for a long time when they come back to live with mom!

And you thought you where going to get away with that?!

April 20, 2010

EARTH DAY - 40 years

Earth Day is special to me in so many ways.
I was 2 years old when they had the first Earth Day. However, Earth Day was 8 years in the making.
Check out Earth Day History

My son was 4 days old for his first outing which happened to be Earth Day. The Department of Forestry was giving away little tree starts that where just two branches and a top. We got one, a Spruce tree. It was only about 8 inches high. We put it into a 5 gallon bucket and it lived in that for about 2 years while we tried to figure out where to put it.

Now, 20 years later the tree sits in the front of the house and is over 30 feet tall.

I grew up in an Earth caring family. My father was a Entomologist who specialized in Butterflies of Central and South America.
When I was 12 he started an organization that had a goal of setting up a preservation and research facility in the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador. He was able to purchase parts of the Jungle from the Ecuadorian government.
My father knew back then. From what he had seen in his travels, he knew that the environment and all life upon this planet was in danger.

My father died in 1991 and his organization fell apart. A very sad thing for me.

What happened on Earth Day following his death, I will never forget.

The relationship between my father and I was not the greatest. He harbored a lot of pain, confusion and anger. Which was quite unfortunate for I had more in common with my father than my mother when it came to personal interests. I was very nature and science oriented, unlike my mother who liked the 'girl' things like dolls and the preforming arts.

It was Earth Day and I went out to sit with the boys outside next to my son's Spruce tree that was now about 6 feet tall. It was a beautiful late morning, the air was warmer that usual. I put the baby in the shade of the tree and his big brother was off to play with his new toys about the yard.
I again thought about my father. I thought about how even though he had wronged me that I still love him. He was my dad! As a child, I adored him, as a teen I struggled to understand him, as an adult I learned to forgive him.
I realized that I had always forgiven him.

Something across the meadow caught my attention. At the top of the ravine at the end of the meadow about 300 yards away, where two bucks. They where just standing there looking at me. I felt the magic in the air, something from the Universe or my father I cannot be sure. Nevertheless, I thought it very appropriate for the moment since my father was a Gemini, the Twins, and that there where two bucks, male deer, and that Deer is one of my Totem Animals and Deer represents gentleness.

They stood there for a while, sometimes looking in other directions, but mostly focused on me. When they began to walk down the hill. That is when something to the left, along the tree line at the top of the meadow,  was moving.

From within the tall Fir trees moths where 'falling'. These moths had emerged from their cocoons earlier in the morning. They had hung in the trees until their wings unfolded, the warmth that covered the trees stimulated the moths, ready for flight they began to drop from the trees.
The magic continued.

The moths rained down by the hundreds all along the tree line, when they where about to fall into the brush below they took flight and floated up and fluttered in the direction that the bucks had appeared.
This went on for quite a while until the moths falling where just a random trickle now and then.

That was more of a profound moment than the deer. The deer was just a warm up for what was to come.
I had been thinking about was my father and there was the Gemini connection to the two deer and deer my totem.
But the moths!!!
The moth has often been associated with death, rebirth and transformation.
Many people have a 'moth (or butterfly) at a funeral' story and they know it is a message.
The Death card in Tarot also shows a moth.
I knew that this was about my dad, if not influenced by my dad because my dad was an entomologist. He studied things like moths and butterflies and ants.
He even discovered a butterfly.
His work was very ‘Earth Day’ oriented, for him every day was Earth Day. He was the founder of a non-profit organization for the sake of science and nature, flora and fauna and the preservation and study thereof.

It was the first time I felt a positive connection with my father.
Where he was in Spirit in that moment, he knew more about me than I knew about me.
While he was still alive, I learned from my mother that he was clairvoyant. 
He never told me about this; it would have been really nice if he had. I would have been able to ask him questions about the things that I was experiencing.
If he did not know then, about just another aspect of how we where alike, he knew now.
He also knew how I was one to see 'the signs', and he knew that I would understand what I had witnessed. He knew I would be able to connect because he knew before I knew that I have a connection to the dead.

As it where, the signs I saw told me. I had focused on my dad and his Spirit responded.
I felt his regrets.
I knew he felt bad for what had happened, I knew that he was sorry.
I knew that he understood my actions towards him as well as appreciated my forgiveness and the love I still held for him and for loving him always even when he had pushed me away.
I could feel his pride in being a grandfather. I knew he was admiring his two grandsons.
And I knew that he loved me.

March 4, 2010

Welcome Home?

This dragon has been in cyber-hibernation. Not by choice, but by a technological break down, well not actually a breakdown but a vicious circle.
I cannot log in to my computer and I have never had it set up to have a login.
I know, I know….security this, security that!
My computer is my computer but it is also there for the whole family to use.
I like simple and easy.
Therefore I made it so when you push the on button all one has to do is wait.
No login required.

I have never had any problems with security and my computer at home. I have always told people I meet, my life is an open book- what do you want to know.
I am not so ‘private’ that I need to hide anything from anyone.
If someone in my family, or even a visitor into my home, wants to be snoopy, let them!
They might learn something, somewhere, somehow.

As of this moment, I am still without a computer but that time is coming to an end fairly soon but is yet unknown exactly when that will be.
I could fix my computer right now- but that would mean a loss of all the info from the last 3 weeks that it was working, as well as all my programs.
Once I get all that stuff safe, either in my computer, or onto another computer, then I can take my computer back to ‘fresh out of the box’ condition.

So that is the current news from the cave~

From Mother to Crone ~ Adventures in Premenopause

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