September 15, 2010

Soaking In the Sun

I spent over three years in a damp, foggy and cold environment. The temperature everyday was a brisk 65 degrees.

Being a dragon, I am of the lizard kind and I need my sun. I am also more pacific islander than I am anything else. I want heat! I do not mind the wet so much. I really love the rain but to be in a place that is like winter all year long!? I could not take it anymore.

So I flew south to better weather. I am in a temporary spot but it feels like home. I live just under the landing and take off point of those mechanical winged brethren that spit out fire retardant rather than fire itself.

The critters are doing well.
One of my critters, is really enjoying the warmer weather, for she is also from a tropical climate.
She has been singing and making up new songs. She also feels a bit at home for she can speak the large brown OOPS truck-speak with the back-up beep-beep-beep....those live down the street.
The black demon-spawn feline is trying to figure out how she can get on top of the shop roof. It will be the highest one yet if she makes it. However, in the meantime, she makes her nightly climb up the ladder of my rolling cave and trots back and forth meowing.
Fathead is back on patrol. He had gotten so miserable and depressed with no mountain to guard that he started pulling out his hair. He is now getting it back, with the help of some neem oil added to his shampoo.
The little pooper machine runs the poop out of herself every morning.

As for this dragon, well she is working on a clutch of Dragon Eggs. Once they are close to hatching, they will be available for sale at Dragon's Moon Studio

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