September 23, 2013

Tarot of the Cat People ~ Owl's Eye View

Tarot of the Cat People

My first ever experience with a deck of tarot cards, but not card readings, was with this deck. A friend had this deck and as it would be, her name was Cat.
She did a Celtic Cross reading for me and then gifted me with my first deck. 
I sure do miss her....anyway...
It would be several years and many decks later that I would eventually own the Tarot of the Cat People. I got mine by trading a deck I just did not vibe with. My deck traveled across the Atlantic ocean form the U.K. Across North America to the West coast and into my hands.

The deck has given me some wonderful and sometimes interesting readings. 
While I was developing and practicing a past life spread I created, I did a test reading with my Leo daughter as the subject. The cards showed a life time in the South during the time of slavery. Her life (it was unclear if she was the male or female in this past life) in this time was about forbidden love. 
Yes, that of the slave and the slave owners offspring.
This reading was done when she was about 6 years of age. Over 10 years later, I can certainly see some parallels in her personality of not allowing the ideas of others and what is taboo socially stand in her why of what feels right.
She is one tough kitty too!

XVIII The Moon
This deck has, at times, be described as dark. Visually, it is a bit that way. The artist, Karen Kuykendall, used a lot of dark and muted colors. In a divinatory manner, with the reading of forbidden love in a past life, it sure does seem it would be on the dark side. However, that past life reading did have a happy ending. They ran away from the south and headed north-west.

In other readings I have done with this deck. I would not call them dark. I would call them very matter of fact. These cats don't mess around. Perhaps it is the 'telling it like it is' attitude of the deck that gives it a dark feel. Even when people know the truth of a matter, they do not want to believe it, but still know it is so. With the cards verifying this known factor, our inclined reaction is the 'energetic slump'. This is that, "Well, &#!^" moment. We knew it was so, but now we have to accept it and deal with it. 

Queen of Swords
With all that said about the deck. I would not call it dark. I would say it is lurking in the shadows on the edge of dark. It's 'dark nature' also all depends on the person holding the cards and their own way of communication and understanding of the deck. Some may not feel it is dark at all, for the art of the characters show a very richness and finery that is beyond dark. These people honor beauty and design, the earth and of course felines.

VI The Lovers

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