March 4, 2010

Welcome Home?

This dragon has been in cyber-hibernation. Not by choice, but by a technological break down, well not actually a breakdown but a vicious circle.
I cannot log in to my computer and I have never had it set up to have a login.
I know, I know….security this, security that!
My computer is my computer but it is also there for the whole family to use.
I like simple and easy.
Therefore I made it so when you push the on button all one has to do is wait.
No login required.

I have never had any problems with security and my computer at home. I have always told people I meet, my life is an open book- what do you want to know.
I am not so ‘private’ that I need to hide anything from anyone.
If someone in my family, or even a visitor into my home, wants to be snoopy, let them!
They might learn something, somewhere, somehow.

As of this moment, I am still without a computer but that time is coming to an end fairly soon but is yet unknown exactly when that will be.
I could fix my computer right now- but that would mean a loss of all the info from the last 3 weeks that it was working, as well as all my programs.
Once I get all that stuff safe, either in my computer, or onto another computer, then I can take my computer back to ‘fresh out of the box’ condition.

So that is the current news from the cave~

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