October 14, 2010

Just in Time for Halloween


The story goes like this ~
I am hanging out with the neighbors, having a pot luck. One of the neighbors, well, we have some of the same friends and other people we know that we have met independently, this info will be important later....it's a small town thing, ya know.
As we sit shooting the breeze, she says, "oh, you have to look at this freaky picture my friend sent me a few hours ago. They where up camping....." she hands me her phone and I instantly spot the ghost. The hair on my arms stands up and my eyes begin to water excessively, as if they where dry, not like I was so very sad. 
I tend to be a sensitive when it comes to spirits in the Otherworld.
My physical reaction did not surprise me that it happened. The hair thing is common, but the watering of the eyes I am still trying to figure out.

Back to that small town thing. The people in the picture look familiar to me, but I cannot really tell if it is the people I know. 

But, I start in with the questions since I am a bit of a ghost magnet.
'Who took the pic? who are those people? where and when did this happen?'

It was at a campground a few hours to the northeast of where we live. The picture had been taken within about 24 hours- did not know if it was that night or the night before. She did not know the names of the people in the pic, but the picture came from her friend (my understanding).

How it went down at the Campground~
The friend took the picture with her phone, they looked at it that night and when they saw the ghost in the picture, they packed up camp and got out of there.

The area they camped in is known for ghosts, so there is something to help validate the truth in this story.
I am working on getting names to see if these are the people that I think they are and talk to them to see if they have something to share with me. 

A fellow artist friend passed this photo on to a friend of hers. She said that when she looked at the picture that her eyes began to water and her hair stood up.
I am curious to know from other sensitives, what was your initial impression? How did your body physically react upon seeing this photo? 

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