September 10, 2012

Little Goat & Big Dragon

An original fable by Suzanne Maxwell~

I had to write a fable for my Children's Literature class and this is what I wrote using two creatures that are near and dear to me.

Little Goat and Big Dragon

    Little goat was finally big enough to go out into the meadow with the other young goats. Momma goat lead him to the edge of the meadow and gave him a kiss. Little goat ran off jumping and kicking out to where all the young goats where playing. As he approached he could hear them chattering away.
    "Up on the mountain lives a big mean dragon." said the tallest goat.
    Momma goat had not told little goat about the dragon so he asked, "Have you seen the dragon?'
    "No, but we can hear him!" said another goat, "Sometimes you can hear him roar."
    "Why does he roar?" asked little goat.
    "He roars right before he eats." said the tall goat.
    Little goat started to feel a little scared and asked, "What does the dragon eat?"
    "He eats everything." replied another goat.
    "You all are silly, there is no dragon!" said another and all the young goats start to argue and butt heads.
    Little goat thought to himself that he will never, ever going to go up the mountain.
    One day little goat was bored with the flat meadow. He wanted more to jump on and bound off of and the big rocks on the mountain looked inviting. All day he played on the mountain having so much fun that he forgot all about the big mean dragon. He forgot until he bounced off of one rock that said, "Umph!"
    Little goat was startled and was quick to jump behind a big boulder and hide. To terrified to move little goat just watched wide eyed as the boulder began to move. In a blink of an eye, standing in front of the little goat was a big, big dragon. The dragon swayed his head and opened his mouth wide and little goat trembled in fear. The dragon yawned with a loud rumble that filled the air. 
    "A-a-are y-you going to eat me?" said little goat. The dragon blinked a few times and looked straight at little goat and began to laugh.
    "Eat you!?... Why would I do that?" asked the dragon.
    "Because you just roared." answered little goat.
    "I did not roar, I was yawning. You jumped on my head and woke me up from my nap." said the dragon.
    "I am sorry. But since you just woke up you must be hungry. You eat everything so are you going to eat me now?" asked little goat.
    "I do not eat everything. I am an Earthen Dragon and I only eat a special kind of rock. And I usually eat before my nap so, no, I am not going to eat you now and I am not going to eat you later." said the dragon with a smile.
    "Really?" asked little goat as his ears perked up and he stood on his tippy toes.
    "Really," said the Dragon with a big kind smile.

The moral of the story is do not believe everything someone says about another.

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