September 20, 2009

I love dragons. And if there is anything I love to paint more than anything, it is the wonderful magical and wise creature that is the dragon.
Dragons can be found in many cultures and play various different rolls.
In the East the dragon is seen as a creature to respect and honor.
Dragons are considered good luck as well.
In ancient times, Dragons where like gods causing natural phenomena such as storms, earthquakes and stellar events.
 When there was a solar eclipse, it was said, "The dragon is eating the Sun"
Dragons are known to be shapeshifters, able to hid themselves in any natural landscape.
Some Dragons have wings, some do not. There are 4 legged and 2 legged dragons.
Not all dragons breath fire and require a virgin sacrifice.

Many worlds with dragons can be found in literature.
Pern is one world created by Anne McCaffrey.
On Pern, the dragon help the humans, yes, humans, transplanted from Earth.
These Dragons did breath fire, but only after eating a phosphorous based rock.
Every so many 'years', a planet in Pern's solar system would come close to Pern and send a deadly organic eating organism raining down on Pern.
Dragons and their riders would take flight and scorch the organism in the air before it could land on the fertile farmlands below.

The Stories about Dragons are endless.

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