March 22, 2009

I have always been a natural spiritual person.
As a child I looked to the Heavens and especially the Moon.
Her Silver Beauty Mystifies Me.
I grew up without the religious doctrines of the norm and from that I am grateful that I was able to fully explore the Great Mystery without any pre-fed ideas.
My father left me with quite the legacy. He was a scientist and a psychic-visionary, the latter I was unaware of until after his death. He taught me much about the natural world and fed my interests in science. I wish I had known of his other abilities and skills. I had so much of my own Universal exploration going on while a child I had no idea what it was or that is was ‘different’ or normal as the case may be. If I had known that he was familiar, then I could have talked to him about that as well. Why it was kept a secret I will never know.
For what ever reason, I was left to walk this journey on my own. I have discovered so much and still have so much more to discover.
Those things that feed my head, heart and soul are of the mystical arts & ancient culture/history- Astrology, Alchemy, Symbolism, Tarot, Sacred Geometry, Dreams, Meditation, OBE/Astral travel, Lemuria, Atlantis, mythology, (even the bible), etc. you name it, I have dabbled in it, all in Light & Love of course.
I have taken my Tarot and Astrology skills to a professional level giving others the guidance they need in the moment.
I am currently in the process of writing a 'How To' focused on Astrology and Tarot. But, with all subjects in this area, it extends beyond just Tarot and Astrology and touches on many other aspects both internal and external.

I am my father’s child so I am also a visionary; just as there are the mundane senses of sight, smell, touch, etc. I have all the same senses psychically; some are more prevalent than the others but I am working to change that.
I have an odd connection with death and the dead. I mostly sense spirits or ghosts, but on occasion I can see them. I am not a Medium in the sense that I can communicate directly with them, but I have used tools for communication with those who have passed on.
I have been told that my hands have strong healing energies, but that is something I have yet to explore deeper even though I have tested it out.
I have a natural way with animals. This was recognized by a retired wild animal trainer who ‘made’ a job for me just because of what he saw in me. I am eternally grateful to him for giving me that experience.
It is from the days of my childhood and young adult that I was shown many things by the Spirit and at the time I did not know what it meant. I had not understood why I had such a distaste for the government as a child, what reason would a child have to feel that way? It was because of what I was shown. I suppose that is the reason why I did not like history lessons or social studies.
As I grew older and watched the events of the world unfold, I had many a jaw dropping moment when I realized that I had been shown these things so long ago. That is when all the pieces began to fall into place and I started to feel more ‘put together’ and had a clearer understanding of who and what I am in this world.


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